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A Love Story

Feeling blue and think you’re special? You’re not. Life is a bottomless pit of despair and regret. Start listening to the voices in your head.

Enter a realm where madness and love are entwined, caught in a perpetual dance macabre. Discover how the darkest recesses of the mind give birth to passions beautiful and grotesque in equal measure, at Asylum: A Love Story.

A young intern has mysteriously vanished from the depths of an eerie Asylum, leaving behind a trail of enigmatic clues. Will you and your companions rise to the challenge and unravel the mystery of his disappearance? Tread the rooms and corridors, unlocking the Asylum’s chilling secrets!


The audience and cast will travel in small groups throughout Hempstead House, the 50,000 square foot set of our newest theatrical presentation. The performance is approximately 120 minutes in length with an intermission and bar.

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