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"5 Shorts You Must Watch from Salem Horror Fest"


"Domestic Bliss looks like it all takes place in a Barbie Dream Home, which helps to enhance and subvert the traditional ideas around 'domestic bliss.' . . . If you want a great looking short that takes on outdated and misogynistic marital values this is a great viewing choice."

"NoPro’s Top Moments of 2019"


"Dreams and Nightmares is another experience I regret not having the time to address... it presented tableaux straight out of, well, dreams and nightmares."

"NoPro's Best Immersive Experiences of 2022"


The [Chatterton Cabinet of Curiosities] manages to shock and titillate at every turn. It feels like the full realization of the Grand Guignol aesthetics so much immersive horror promises. Typically, either comedy or horror takes precedence, but the constant discomfort, occasional eruptions of violence, and bizarre, incestuous family mystery kept the whole evening a tight, consistent package."

"Sands Point has an infuriating habit of producing spectacular shows that are only given the most limited of runs. I pray to whoever’s listening, be they gods or trustees, that this team be given the run they deserve. They are worth the drive from Philadelphia, and worth well more than ten nights a production."

#1 on Buzzfeed's

"20 Top Tier Haunts Every Horror Fan Must Visit"

"This writer's personal favorite Halloween tradition, this annual immersive theatrical experience sees the Rara Avis Productions team draw you into a living, breathing horror movie experience inside of Sands Point's unparalleled castle estate."

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